Kunming Acrobatic Troupe was founded by Mrs. Zhu Xiaoling in 1999.Mrs.Zhu is the chairman of Yunnan Acrobatic Expert Association.
Kunming Acrobatic Troupe have 30 performers now, They had performed at many cities all over the world during the past few years,they had won the gold and silver medal in China Acrobatic Competition,They are all working hard for show.
There have an acrobatic arts school belongs to Kunming Acrobatic Troupe,kunming Acrobatic Arts School have 40 acrobatic arts students now, Their age are from 6-15 years old.One of them comes from Spain,His name is Jorge Bayon,He has trained here for 3 years,he like acrobatic arts very much, he like China too, he can speak Chinese very well.
Kunming Acrobatic Troupe can show everywhere all over the world, if you want to cooperate with us or you want to invite our troupe to show at your city ,please contact us,Welcome you to Kunming China!!!


1. Lion Dance
2. Contortion with Lotus Lamp
3. Duo Hand Balancing Act
4. Spinning Blankets
5. Straw Hats
6.Duo-Aerial Silks
7.Hoops Diving
8.Solo-Aerial Ring
9. Chinese Streamer
10. Hula Hoops
11. Shaking Pipes
12.Solo-Foot Juggling
13. Jumping Rope
14. Group Foot Juggling
15.Duo-Aerial Straps
16.Duo-Aerial Rings
17.Handstand Act
18.Four Contortionist